Bridge Funding


Bridge funding awards are intended to allow investigators who have recently lost funding, after a sustained period of support from a national funding agency, to maintain their research program for up to one year while attempting to regain their funding by re-application.


- The applicant recently lost national funding after a sustained period of support;

- The applicant has the support and the promise of matching funding from the appropriate institutional administrator (e.g., Dean, Department Head, Foundation Chair, etc.);

- The proposal scored 3.5 or higher in their recent application;

- The applicant is not receiving funding through the Manitoba-CIHR Regional Partnership Program; and

- The applicant has not been a recipient of a bridge funding award from the MHRC in the last six years.

- The applicant does not currently hold funds through either the MHRC-CIHR Regional Partnerships Program or the MHRC Manitoba Partnership Program.

Six copies of the following documentation will constitute an application for bridge funding:

- A letter of support from the appropriate administrator indicating how the applicant’s research program fits within the Unit’s priorities and the amount of monetary support pledged by the appropriate institutional administrator (this letter can be forwarded directly to Council);

- A brief statement explaining the impact of the loss of funding on the applicant’s research program, putting the loss of this particular grant in perspective with any other research funding available to the applicant;

- The scientific summary page of the failed grant application;

- The scientific reviews and rating for the failed grant application;

- The amount of bridge funding requested with a detailed description of how the funds will be used to make the applicant more competitive for the next application. The description should include an indication of how criticisms expressed in the scientific reviews will be addressed;

- A list of other funding that has been applied for or will be applied for in the next nine months by the applicant including the funding agency, amount requested, period covered, title and summary page; and

- The latest institutional ledger sheets showing fund balances for all grants and awards held by the applicant.

Submit completed Bridge Funding Application package, along with other required information to the MHRC.

The two deadline dates are March 31, 2014, and August 22, 2014.

 Assessment Criteria
Applications for bridge funding will be evaluated using the following criteria:

- The impact that the loss of the grant has on the applicant’s overall research program;

- The likelihood that bridge funding will enable the applicant to regain funding from a major funding agency.

Funding decisions will be announced within 60 days of the deadline.